Patricia & Athila’s Baby Shower

We had a blast yesterday capturing Patricia & Athila’s Baby Shower!  It was a beautiful day to celebrate such a beautiful event!  Thank you for having us!  We wish you both congratulations & good luck with baby Nicholas!

This is a small collection of the original photos & photos taken with a template.

For more pictures please visit our FaceBook page:


14906921_712095798945095_3428294284022709082_n 14915144_712139635607378_6919612600577467086_n 14925361_712139072274101_2596953509785130043_n  14937364_712141775607164_1372447637173847478_n 14947511_712138692274139_7336561757383645_n14962805_712086378946037_5142261317640207469_n 14956617_712142768940398_1754253672921463756_n  14991820_712141398940535_790643322761931796_n 14991927_712073962280612_7272939681301845347_n



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