What is SoFlo Selfie?

It’s the life of the party! It’s a people magnet, smile generator & memory keeper. It’s a photo booth without all the squishing of a photo booth.

SoFlo Selfie takes high quality pictures using a professional DSLR Canon  camera, then guests can edit & personalize photos using the 32-inch vertical, interactive touchscreen. With easy-to-use filters & backgrounds, the post-production is as much fun as posing!

After the smiles, guests have the option to share their photos using email, text, Facebook, and Twitter as well as print them for keepsakes. SoFlo Selfie is a hit at events, large and small (and in between, too).

You can also personalize your photos with custom frames & logos for your guests. Whether you’re a business looking for buzz or newlyweds who want to make special memories, SoFlo Selfie is here to make priceless memories for you & your guests!

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